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Saw spiderman today! It was pretty cool seeing one of my favorite comics brought to life on the big screen! I really enjoyed the film, as did most people I've known that've seen it. I hear it made a record 114 million in its opening weekend! That beats out Harry Potter! Yeah Spiderman's cooler anyways.

Weekly recap... screwed up my econ midterm, found out Fisher doesn't want me (I knew I didn't interview well, but it's their loss hehe). So it was a bad week.

To end the week, I had to get out and end it on a good note! So... went to a party at Christine's house on Friday. That was fun, because I knew a majority of the people there. It's fun when you know alot of folks! So had a good time there.

Saturday, worked, then went to a couple of parties. Nothing off the hook but I had an ok time. At work though they were talking about how this one owner of a sports bar across the street caught this couple doing it in his bathroom! After he caught them, he was like" never do this in my place again!" the chick was brazen enough to reply " I't's one thing if you catch me, but if not I can do whatever the hell I want!"
So the girls at work were like that chick is gross. How do you respect someone that does that? So joker me replies ," well I don't think it's gross, and I'd have a lot of respect for her for a few hours!" So that apparently stuck in their heads because they ragged on me for the rest of the day. Maybe they took " a few hours " the wrong way. I meant the few hours getting to know her, leading up to the deed. j/k But really, what happens when two people are drunk shouldn't be held against them as a person. I found out that the girls are damn quick to judge. They were raggin on filipinos, i had to stick up for them, but to no avail. I really didn't know that racism ( strong word, but couldn't think of any weaker alternatives) was so prevalent among people I know... sad
closed-mindedness is a turn-off in anyone.

And today after I saw Spiderman, a big ass Suburban had his front bumper right up on my rear end, he didn't even bother to reverse it after hitting me. He just left it touching my car. So i pulled up and saw that it left a dent. That really sucked, so I was annoyed since the retard didn't leave a note. So I called the cops to see what I should do. They asked if there was any damage, I was like, yeah there's a little dent in my bumper, and they told me that they were gonna send someone because that constitutes a hit & run if they bump you and don't leave a note. So the cop came after 45 minutes and gave me the other car's info. So i'm going to get an estimate and see if they want to handle it personally or through insurance. oh well.

Anyways, after all that I went to practice my routine for my latin dance class. the final project consists of 5 styles of dance, 10 minutes long and has to have a running theme. So my group (4 girls and me!) has chosen The Bachelor as our theme. That way we can use the roses in our dance and make it funny. I really like this class, not just because of the amazing ratio but also because I'm picking it up quickly since I took this at my junior college also. A bonus is that all the girls in the class think I'm really good haha, if they only knew. I've overheard a couple of them saying" he's really good" (blush) But who am I to correct them eh? They say the way someone dances reflects on their performance in bed, so that's another plus for my belt. haha! I was a little disappointed though, since the one that I'd be interested in didn't show up for practice.
But we still managed to get some work done without her.
Well, hopefully, she'll show up for tomorrow.
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