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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2002
My first entry, wow! I should be doing my homework right now, but I'm procrastinating as usual. Met Debra at On Broadway this weekend. But alas, no phone number, just an email address. I'm getting better at this meeting strangers thing. Hungry.

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I need to sleep, so I can do well on my spanish midterm tomorrow.

current mood: tired

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great... I just woke up and still need to finish up my ecom homework, due at 11 am oif course.

current mood: annoyed

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just got back from my spanish midterm, don't think I did too well though. We'll see. Right now, I'm about to do a phone interview for some investment company. wish me luck

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watching Bill O'reilly on Fox News Network, what a blowhard! How do they get away with having a show so biased towards the conservatives on a news channel? Equal time my ass!

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I feel so bad! I told V that there was a Fenix TX concert this weekend and was gonna take her but found out that it's for students only! Can't even buy tickets! That probably didn't impress her much :) oh well. She was looking forward to it too :(

current mood: embarrassed

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