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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2002
i fucked up on my econ midterm today... I can't believe it. I swear I knew most of the stuff that I missed, but I just didn't think of it! i hate it when that happens. Oh well, the curve'll probably save me. I hope... Tonight was pretty fun, Fenix TX, Jason Mraz , and City high came by school for a concert! It was free! The best kind yo! Afterwards we hit up PB Bar & grill for a coupla brews and met up with... guess who? Connie and Christine! i swear, every time I see them, they need a ride from me. I feel like such a whore ;) But now it's time for bed. good night

current mood: pissed off

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3:27p - swordfight at Jo's place
I'm secretly in love Jo, but she hates me and makes fun of the women i go out with. I think I hate her now! That's right Jo, I'm not going to Irvine to take your ghetto-ass out aight? You need to stop inviting guys over when I go out with you. Sausage fest Jo, that's your new name! haha ok enough Jo-bashing. Jo's cool, but she doesn't introduce me to enough of her fly friends. So I just got back from work today, and had a pretty boring day so far. But I plan on going out tonight! Last night was fun. after dropping Ahmed off, Aerin and Connie were left, I figured he would take charge and suggest something to do but both of them were so wishy-washy, that they took like 15 minutes outside of Aerin's at 2:45 am while I'm trying to get may ass home in time to get some sleep before work. Finally Connie has to use the ladies room so she got out and went to aerin's place. I don't get them at all.

current mood: amused

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ah by the way my exgirlfriend and i talked today. Grace gave away my warmup pants. How mean! anyways, I haven't talked to her in a while cuz I've been pissed at her. But it's hard to just stop contact with someone you've been close to for 5+ years. She can be so bitchy sometimes though. I don't know why. I just don't understand girls sometimes. Gracie gracie gracie. maybe iit's cuz she's latin that makes her so temperamental. anyways, I'm gonna go work out cuz Jo told me I'm gaining weight.

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