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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, February 24th, 2002
just got back from christine's house. man i'm starving but too tired to get food or cook :( oh well. So we all hit up E street alley tonight. It was pretty full but no love tonight man. Dropped off a coupla guys and then me and Aerin headed over to Christine's place. She is the nicest chick! But I wonder if we're testing her limit, stayin overtiol 6 in the morning and all. (not my fault... it's aerin and connie's fault!) But i wouldn't have minded crashin at christine's tonite. So me and Gracie talked for the first time in like 2 months today. We caught up a little. Goddamn crow wont shut up outside my window! How am I gonna get any sleep? argh!

current mood: hungry

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i'm in the library studying away. Question for you, what's up with orange hair on asian guys? that color doesn't naturally occur in asian hair much less any other ethnicity. I dunno, I guess whatever makes you happy... I'm trying to study for my econ class that I haven't been going to for about 2 weeks now. Good thing is, I have all the notes and it's an open note/ open book test! but still, if i dont know my stuff, i may run out of time... Grace called today, I guess after I broke the silence, she's ok with talking to me now. I'm gonna go see Alicia Keys with her next week! should be fun... Well enough break time! back to studying!

current mood: working

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