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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2002
why can't I get myself to study? I've been procrastinating all day! I need to study! OK that's my rant for the night. Hmm random thought: my favorite gear in my car is 3rd. I just like it better than the rest. Hey ... Why are there no Kmarts in Afghanistan? Because there are too many Targets !!! haha , man the stuff I learn at this school!

Just got my lomo camera in the mail today. It's supposedly going to let me take some wild night shots. I read about it in some magazine that I can't recall right now. THe pictures are trippy, weird patterns of vibrant colors caused by the shutter being open for a long period of time. Supposedly it can take interesting night shots even without a flash. It looks pretty neat, I'll try and post some shots.

current mood: busy

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