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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
Don't you hate it when you accidentally fall asleep when you first get home and end up feeling too awake to sleep during your normal bedtime?!? Ah well. At least I got my studying done. Man I am diggin this remix of A woman's worth!

So I'm going to San francisco this weekend to see Alicia live on Sunday baby! She's a hottie ain't she!

So Jo called today, she's thinkin about trading in her brand new (barely a year old) lexus GS!!! She is crazy with her cars that girl! Well, if I can't convince her to hold on to the GS, maybe I can help her pick out somethin real nice !

Josie called today too! (it's nice to feel wanted) I think we all are gonna eat out Fri night. Man I wish she was still in school with me, because I don't have any buddies in my Econ classes anymore :(

ok wish me luck on my midterm tomorrow!

current mood: awake

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Well, here I am at the computer library again, this time studying for another Econ class. by the way, I did pretty well on my Econ midterm this morning. (I hope) Man did you catch Alicia Keys at the Grammys? That was crunk ! haha word of the day... Can't want to see her live baby!

So as I was driving past school after my last class, guess who I see sitting at the bus stop? Christine my favorite Scandinavian! I gave her a ride home and we got some grub. wait make that I got grub at Wahoo's some fish taco place in La Jolla, she just kept me company, I felt kinda bad keepin her since she has 2 midterms this Friday. She seemed so stressed out, I know how she feels though, sometimes classes and homework can get a litte overwhelming. Hopefully we all can kick back this weekend one last time before finals . I can't believe that finals are in 2 weeks! Quarters are passing by faster and faster!

current mood: sleepy

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hehe, just saw another asian guy with orange hair, this time it's not all his hair, it's just his tips, I guess thats a little better, but it's still funny looking to me...

current mood: amused

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