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Friday, March 1st, 2002
1:48a - crazy day at work and then a weird night at Zao
hehe, today was a funny day. First off, at work, a bum was writing something on the glass back door at my work ( a bank) So of course, I had to go over there and see what the hell he was doing! I went out there and he started yelling about a $15 service charge he received like over 10 years ago! Wow, he sure holds a grudge! So after that i convinced him to leave. But 15 minutes later he shows up at the front door! and he starts goin off! Screaming about how the bank sucks and "fuck this bank!" you get the picture. And every customer in there was all shocked, so of course, me being the only guy working today had to go over there and ltake him outside, listening to him yelling about his "goddamn $15 service charge!" that was fun! So after that the rest of work was boring in comparison.

After that I go to the language lab to watch my spanish video, but a sign on the damn door said " due to an 'emergency' the language lab will be closed at 6pm today" emergency my ass! oh well, I guess I'll have to copy my homework off someone else... Not a very promising night

So after a little studying, me, Aerin, Connie and her friend Van go to this nice sushi 'lounge' in La Jolla and chill out for some dinner and drinks. Connie and Van were feeling competitive and decide to see who drinks the most. So after a couple of drinks, Connie was butt drunk! I mean a couple! literally, she had 2 speedballs and was out like a light! man we had to take her to a couch where she passed out for like an hour! Well during that me and aerin ended up watchin over her and looking longingly at the rest of the place dancing and having fun... awww... Well that was it, i took Connie to Van's place where she got most of the alcohol out of her system. Dang man, if you know 2 drinks are gonna do that to ya, have 1! Well hopefully that girl will develop a better tolerance or we aren't taking her drinking anymore. 2 drinks? hehe...

Oh hey I got my friend Nicole to start a livejournal! So check her out!

current mood: amused

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