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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, March 2nd, 2002
2:47a - dinner then moondoggies
Worked today, then headed down to cozymel's, this nice mexican restaurant near UTC with Josie, Danny, and Jamie. I felt kinda bad because they knew I haad to leave at 9 to meet up with Jorge, So I hope they didn't rush eating. But the food was great, the atmosphere was nice, and my waitress didn't card me! I left my license at home and she just asked me how old I was... that's a first! Of course, Jamie couldn't finish her Midori so I had to finish her drink too. But she was right about it not tasting right... I think they may have neglected the sweet and sour... So I had a good dinner. Then I said bye to J&D and dropped Jamie off. Headed over to Jorge's for some beers with Slimshady and Teh-rani.

Here's where the night took a wrong turn... Jorge had 2 girls lined up to go to Cafe Sevilla (nice little salsa place downtown) with, but they flaked on him... So we ended up heading over to where Connie and Christine were. we ended up at moondoggies in La Jolla tonight and that place was barely half full... But! they did have $2 drinks tonite. bad news was, it was only $2 cosmos, nothin else... We ended up dancin, and Jorge nearly got into trouble for talking to some guy's chick, but even though that guy was big, he backed off ... Teh-rani said it was because he backed up Jorge... but who knows...

Anyways I can't wait to get back to SF tomorrow! Alicia Keys baby!

current mood: flirty

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