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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
2:57a - San Francisco /election day today
Going home for the weekend was nice. First night back, had dinner with Myron/Miranda and Grace. Then the next day we went to Paramount theater in Oakland to see Alicia Keys. Front row seats!!! I giot a great pic of her too! but my camera got taken away by security after I took just one shot! What a bunch of punks! I had other pics on that film too! Well at least it was a cheapie disposable one... Concert was cool, I went with Grace, Janna, and Deanna!

At the end of the night Grace seemed none too happy to be around me... She was being extra hostile that night...even Janna felt bad for me :( I really wish she could talk about things before just going into defensive mode... oh well, that's why she's my ex.

On a lighter note, I got my econometrics midterm back monday! 47 out of 50 baby!!! Plus! this was a midterm I showed up 10 minutes late for! Man I feel good about that one!
But only a 70% for my Spanish midterm... Took my econ 130 midterm today... might not have done too well on it. hoping for a low curve.
I just turned in my degree application yesterday, the first step to the grauation process! man it feels nice to almost be done!
hope everyone got out there and voted... I managed to... even though there weren't any huge measures on the ballot. Getting sleepy...

current mood: disappointed

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