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Saturday, March 9th, 2002
6:43a - Ole!
Hit up ole Madrid last night! and Oh my god did we go with a hottie! We went with Mike, Reza, Bobby, Jorge, Monica (damn she's fine!), and Sadith (damn she's fine but taller than me :( haha! So me and Aerin were busy trying to talk to her all night! She was saying how she could drink us under the table anytime, but she only had 2 drinks last night! haha! So she promises that since she just met us she didn't wanna outdrink us but she will next time! But yeah, Aerin and me took some photos with her, and I can't wait to see how they develop! did I mention she was hot? oh one minor detail, she has a boyfriend... I swear to god, all the hot chicks I meet are all friggin taken! It's not even funny how bad my luck is!

So anyways, before we headed out, connie and christine gave me a call and wanted us to go bar-hopping in PB, but I'm glad we didn't cuz we got to meet Monica! Christine was even offering to buy drinks! woo-hoo! but alas... we ended up going downtown to Ole Madrid. I told those two to come out with us, but they said it was too far and to expensive. speaking of expensive... when the promoters on the corner saw monica, they gave her a $3 off flyer for ole! and they ended up giving the whole crew coupons ... Ahh the side benefits of going out with a beautiful chick! So back to Christine and Connie, it turns out that those fools ended up downtown anyways! they hung out literally right next door! I mean RIGHT NEXT door! Hilarious! We found this out at 2 AM on the way home, Connie told Aerin, "oh yaeh, we're downtown! at TGIFridays!" which was the building right next to where we were. THey ended up going for some party at TGIF's and they went cuz there was no cover. So after the party.... we ended up going over to christine's house, where they were both in bed, we managed to startle them by sneaking in the room, they left the front door unlocked! so we ended up chillin there until 6 in the friggin morning. But despite the fact that I got no numbers, I must say that I still had a good night.

Oh hey Nicole, you only gave me one minute to answer your IM! Yeah I had a blast at the Alicia Keys concert ! front row seats baby! Only damper that night was that security took away my disposable camera after they saw me snap a pic of her! How shitty! And Grace was in one of her moods... Even the opening act Glenn Lewis looked straight at her in the middle of a friggin song and signaled for her to smile ! haha that was classic! But otherwise, it was a great concert! Worth every penny that I spent on those tix!

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um I'm tired and I have work in 2 hours. good night

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