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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
2:56a - why are all the good girls taken every time?
*sigh* guess who I saw at clics today? Naysha... for those of you that don't know, I've had a crush on this girl for almost a year now. It all started innocently enough in one of our econ classes, she sat next to me a couple of times and i noticed her after the 2nd time and got up the balls to talk to her and it started from there. In the beginning she was having problems with her boyfriend, so I thought OK, maybe she's available... but a few weeks went by and we were gonna go study together, and somehow the subject of weekend plans came up and she mentioned her boyfriend. as in currently with a boyfriend. Ah well, that was a kick to the stomach wasn't it? ouch... haha. But as the quarter wound down, I did manage to ask her out to dinner and a movie, but nothing became of it, she was still with her guy and I was too lame to try to steal her away...

So anyways, that was pretty much it, since the next 2 quarters, the only times I saw her was when she was with her 'man'... and so it was today... I saw her walking out and she came over to say hi, with Mr. man in the background... We caught up a little bit, this is my last quarter and all... heh, you know what that means, I have one more quarter to see if she splits up with her guy! that'll be the day!

someday I tell you! I will find someone like that... without a goddamned boyfriend. Man that's been the story of my life down here! Every one I meet that i could be interested in have been taken. So yeah, that little chance encounter today just brought back all those memories. ;)

current mood: hopeful

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