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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, March 16th, 2002
9:10p - repossessed a car at work and met Kristen
Got a few notes from Kristen (econometrics class) today, good thing too! since I never go to that class (it's at 9 am) Also the professor provides us with most of his lecture notes... And it's open book exams! woohoo!

Kristen's someone I just met recently since I know no one in that class! Luckily I met her at a review session. She's pretty cute, 5'4 or so, blonde, and get this... she drives a manual tranny! Girls that drive stick kick ass! So far she seems cool, but I did spot a sorority license plate frame, so I dunno if she only digs frat boys or somethin. I don't have a read on her yet . She could be one of those extra friendly talkative types so I don't want to assume anything. I offered to study with her tues, we'll see if she takes me up on that.

Finals Mon,Tues, Wed, and a P/NP on fri. So basically I'm gonna be stressed on MTW... can't wait til next weekend. Christine might ride with me for the trip up north so at least I might have good company.

man, i need sleep...

oh yeah, at work today, some poor sap couldn't keep up his loan payments to his pontiac, so we did a voluntary surrender of his car. never did that before. he handed over his keys and his papers, and someone from the bank picks it up on monday. man, we coulda had a road trip this weekend! If only there weren't finals ;)

laters...y'all probably won't see much of me this first half of the week.

current mood: tired

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