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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
2:57p - Finals are over!
finals are over!!!!!! woo hoo!! party time!!!! I'm goin back to SF this sunday and gonna party it up with everybody!

Already did a little partying on thurs night, which i shouldn't have, since I ended up late for my spanish final today. Luckily i got there just before she was about to start the final.

Hey , guess who i saw at clics wednesday? Naysha!! and she was by herself this time! yeah! so she stopped over and talked a little. i introduced her to connie and christine, who both agree with me: Naysha's gorgeous. Anyways, turns out she's going to vegas this next week but is probably leaving on the day that we get there. One more quarter left for her to break up with her man and get with me ;)

Yes! we're going to vegas this weekend!

Finals went as well as finals week could go, sleepless nights, lots of stress, lots of studying and lots of late night burrito runs. I am so glad I'm done this quarter!

current mood: relieved

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