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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
2:56a - spring break
Had a great spring break!
The first night I got to San Francisco, I took Christine to the Hush hush where Jamie works. She hooked us up with free drinks all night! It's nice to know the bartender!
. the second night, I sang karaoke with Connie, Grace, and Janna, the rest of the crew refused. the third night we all went to some yuppie bar called the Matrix in the Marina, that got old so we hit up the Glas Kat for some salsa... well me and Grace danced while the others watched, but with a little convincing, we got most everyone on the dance floor. and the last night in San Francisco we went to the starlight lounge but couldn't get in, they were too full. so we end up at the Redwood Room and had a few drinks. the next night I drive down to Thousand oaks with Connie Christine and some of her friends and meet them at the Yucatan .

Friday night we drove to Vegas baby! stayed at the mandalay and that's where we partied Fri. at the Rumjungle. Christine's roommates met us outside the club at 4am. We end up hanging out til 530 am... no rest in Vegas.
saturday I gambled and won at craps! later that night we go to Ra at the Luxor, we had a great time there also.
Met two girls from LA there, one was a reporter for a Santa Monica news station, and the other worked for E! entertainment. Had a great time with them, outlasted Christine, Connie and the other 10 people with us. they all left at 3 am, I ended up staying with Rubi and Patti until 430am. headed back to the hotel at 5 am and drove back to SD the next afternoon. whew! now it's back to school.

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