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Monday, April 8th, 2002
2:05a - tiki party
went to a tiki party at the 9 bed saturday night. pretty fun , even had a little excitement last night after some guy poured rum on a girl's pants (on purpose) and he got booted from the party, he was one of their neighbors or something. there was almost a fight after he refused to leave, but once he saw that he was outnumbered, he took off. So after the party we head over to Christine's house, and christine pairs off with a friend that's visiting from LA and Connie and Aerin go off somewhere. I end up leaving because everyone in the living room fell asleep and I'm bored and lonely. so the next morning...
ooh! drama! Christine had a rude awakening sunday morning! her ex decided to pay her a surprise visit, but little did he know that she had someone over... so you can imagine what happened when he walks in sunday morning and walks into her room and sees her with another guy! but really, what the heck is he doing walking in to her house unannounced. he is her ex after all. so yeah that was the subject of our sunday conversation. i had lunch with her and Connie. Bumped into Josie & company at the mall after we ate.

saw Van Wilder with Aerin and Jen after lunch . they liked the movie. i only thought it was Ok. end up at my place for pizza and six feet under. that's a damn good show. everyone with HBO should watch it. I really love how off beat the whole cast is! very unique show, dark humor .

hey! i got a call back from an investment firm, they want a followup phone interview! hopefully they'll offer a better salary than what I've been seeing.

current mood: dorky

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