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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
4:30a - wow, I'm graduating in 2 months
Geez, the 2 years just flew by. Before I got down here I thought that everything was going to change. New city, new life, new school,new friends. A lot has changed but yet I'm surprised at how many things are still the same.

Before I moved down to San Diego, I'd hardly ever drink. But now as most of my friends can attest to, i drink on a regular basis. wait that came out wrong. i drink when I party and go out.
I've met so many people down here, more than I thought I would, considering that I didn't know a soul when I moved here.
I will miss San Diego, something I really didn't expect, but the city has grown on me. Must be the weather...but I still feel that the city sleeps too damn early.

now it's almost time to get my ass into the real world. Time to start making some bank! What I didn't expect is the low salary that most companies offer college grads! man I hope I can find a job where I can actually afford to pay rent!

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