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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, April 13th, 2002
7:08p - one lucky bastard
i swear I am the luckiest guy on earth right now. ok, let's start at the beginning of tonight. We were all headed to some party in Mt Soledad, (me aerin, Chris and Ofer) so we go there and have a good time and see people we know etc etc. So the night comes to an end. and I had a few drinks. so anyways, on the drive back. I was going down a 25 mph zone around 35. nothing crazy. and I see a cops headlights, so I slow down. But I was shittin my pants when he lit me up and pulled me over! I did not want a DUI on my record! So anyways, he comes over and asks me where we're heading from, I just say a friend's house. he asks if I've been drinking and I say no. The cop actually agrees "well yeah that's good cuz I don't smell it on you guys. Maybe it was the gum? who know? All I know is I got lucky yesterday night because all he did was say :"well, I pulled you over for going 35 in a 25 and you didn't stop at the red when you made a right turn. and he sent us on our merry way! wow... ok I'm not pushing my luck for the rest of this year!

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