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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, April 25th, 2002
1:29a - the interview
got interviewed today!

I was running late, so I had to run from the parking lot to the career center in my suit. I was a little out of breath when I got there, so i hope the interviewer (mona) didn't think I was nervous ( which I was) but I didn't want to seem more nervous than I already was. so she went through the whole thing. got that "name your 3 weaknesses", I hate that question! Um yeah, I party too much, chase women too much, and don't focus enough on my schoolwork! haha! how's that? Well of course I really said "umm well I think I work hard to a fault , I get overtime alot, but I've learned to pace myself" you can imagine the rest of my answers.

Here's an interesting question I got asked. there are 3 brothers, 1 brother's age is 5 years older than the other one, and one is twice as old as another one. The total age of the 3 is 30. I pulled this one out my ass but I think it was right!
i said 5, 10, and 15! she seemed surprised at the quickness of my answer. Maybe I was wrong. maybe not. I've got mad skillz. I didn't get comfortable though, I was nervous throughout the interview. I think I would've done better if I had prepared better. Maybe it takes more practice.
Well the interview ended on an awkward note. I asked questions but felt I should've had more questions to ask. Oh well.

Well now I sit and wait. hopefully they will offer me a reasonable salary if I'm hired. We'll see if they want me or not.

current mood: accomplished

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