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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, April 28th, 2002
OK i've come to a conclusion. Since it's my last quarter here at UCSD, heck it's pretty much my last month here! I've decided to go balls out and try to win over my crush. Who as far as i know, still has a boyfriend. But hey, I'm never gonna see this girl again so I might as well come on strong. hehe I know I know , sounds like a bad idea. then again, I am buzzin right now. but I have enough sense in me to know that if I don't do anything, i know I'm gonna regret it later. So yeah I'm gonna try my darndest to steal this gal away. wish me luck. I haven't seen her in a while. actually the last time I've seen her was when she said hi as she was driving by as I was walking to class last week. by the way if you don't know who I'm talking about, her name sounds like (milk-tea) in chinese. Man this could be a big mistake, but hey it could be something promising too. ah who freaking cares, it's my last month here.

current mood: hopeful

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10:52p - 80 miles in one night
dang talk about a wild goose chase. Felt like a scene reminiscent of Swingers last night. It was me and the crew (11 other guys and 1 gal in a 4-car caravan) Ok first destination was JOrge''s house where we all met up and planned the rest of the night. Next stop- the pajama party next to SDSU. Which got busted no less than 30 minutes after we got there! so that was a waste of the $2 cover. After the party Mike tries to salvage the situation by spitting some game at this Riverside chick, who seemed interested by had to go with her other friends. so it was me Aerin and Little Schafer in one car and Jorge and co. in the other cars. So as we were leaving the party, 2 typical state guys honked at us to move, and I signaled for them to go around me, but as they passed they stopped and tried to start shit with lil schafer! The state guy was like "you got a problem?" I said "nope, waitin on my crew over there" so he said" then why's your friend lookin at me like that?" because Schafer was laughing at them. Plus we knew those 2 didn't have a chance against 10 of us. So they just took off and that was our excitement at that party.

Next stop, Ofer's friends' party, which was pretty dead by the time we got there (1 am) so we had a couple of beers and bailed after a half- hour (that place was dead anyways)
but summer wanted some grub, so Schafer went with her. Jorge and us were trying to do him a favor by telling them to go first and we'd meet them later, but in reality, we were gonna hit up a 3rd party. So 30 minutes later, Schafer called us and was like "where are you guys" and explained to us that he couldn't stay over at her place cuz her dad was there and now Schafer needs a ride back from Denny's. So the whole crew leaves and at this point JOrge Mike, and Justin take off cuz Mike has work at 4am.
So the rest of us head on over to Denny's to pick his ass up. So we get there and apparently Summer's aware of our plot to try to do Schafer a favor and we gave him shit for telling her. But it turns out that girl can eat, ordering more than Chris expected. so he asks for the check but they don't get it in time because we all took off, CHris decided to dine-n-dash this time around! haha

Last stop, Chaz hears about a party at the Catamaran hotel. THe guys at the front desk were none too happy to see 8 college guys and 2 girls burst into their hotel at 3 am, so they refused to help us find the room. Pricks.

So we manage to find a map and head on up. turns out it was less of a party and more of a get-together. WE decide to bail, Chaz ends up stayin cuz he knows those fools.

Ended the night the usual way. Headed over to a after hours burrito stand. (Robertos this time) and called it a night.

I look down at my odometer and it reads 80 miles, I know since i just filled the tank before the party. Dang how the hell did we drive so much in one city? It was a crazy night, but it could've been worse. HOpefully we drive less next time and party more.

current mood: tired

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