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Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
12:13a - the death drop!
Just learned a slick new move in class today called the death drop. Anna (the cute one in my group) got the TA to show us how to do it. Anna was like, "don't drop me!" Basically you hold the girl with both of her hands behind her back while she begins to lean toward the floor and drop and flip her so that her back's parallel to the floor with one foot underneath her. I had just worked out so my arms were a little tired but she noticed me strain a little when I yanked her up and asked if she was heavy. haha now she thinks I'm a weakling. man I need to work out harder... gotta do the death drop! Man, when the other group saw us do that shit they were like 'oooo' hehe! I think only 1 other group besides us knows the death drop. Hopefully we can get to the point where I can execute it smoothly.
and yes, increasing my workouts would probably help :)
Anna even wanted to do a friggin lift! Now she's a tiny girl (5'3) don't get me wrong but I don't trust my balance or my arms enough to toss her above me. I was like, no way... man this is fun! So today during group work, one of the other girls seemed irritated at Anna for correcting her dancing! And during practice, 2 of them really weren't getting into it and just kinda sat around until we asked them to practice a few moves with us. life imitating art? in our project, the gals are supposed to be catty with each other, but sheesh not during practice! hopefully everyone'll cheer up by next practice.

So yeah, hopefully we can incorporate that death drop into our routine without it looking stiff. I love dipping Anna since she's the lightest and it looks smooth.

Gave her a ride to her friend's place, but I sense no interest. But who knows, maybe I'll take her to a salsa club and I can find out more, like if she's single.

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