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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, May 9th, 2002
9:21p - cafe sevilla with Anna and Katherine
So I told you about the tension in my group, it got bad enough that when our group met on Wednesday that Nicole mentioned to me that Anna acts bitchy to her. Personally, I think Nicole's being oversensitive, Nicole was like,"you're a guy, you don't notice these things" So I have to try and keep the peace since we all need to work well together... Well as long as Nicole doesn't blow up I think it'll be fine because Anna seems fine with the other girls. We're meeting Sunday so we'll see how things go.

So Anna mentioned that she was going to Cafe Sevilla (salsa club) last night, and I decide to tag along. Man that was a good decision! I picked them up and I ended up walking in to with 2 cute blondes on my arms! Katherine and Anna are both in my class so we dance well together. Anna had some guy she recently met meet us there. I turns out that he was more into her than she thought though because he was getting a little too touchy for her. Anyways she tried to avoid him for the latter part of the night.
Man there were some good dancers out there. Shows me that I have a long way to go before I get that good. Still, Anna and Katherine thought I did ok.
So we danced until 12:30 that's when their heels started to kill them so we took off.

Katherine's nice, we seemed to click well. But if I go for her, that probably will kill whatever chance I had with Anna. (if any) Well well. whatever it is that I do, I better do it soon, cuz I only have about 1 month left before graduation... oooh the pressure.

they both had a good time so maybe we'll go out again soon!

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