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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, May 18th, 2002
5:17a - hooked up!
Went to PB Bar and Grill thursday night. Was freakin busy! the line went to the corner, which it hardly ever does. By the time we got in line it literally would've taken 1 hour to get in. But you know how we do it on the WEST SIDE! haha Mike Lowrey came out and got us in cuz he met the security guard earlier. So all he said was can i get my buddies in? and we were in like flynn baby.
The place was hoppin. The crowd was pretty good. And Dominique from one of my classes saw me and we talked for a bit.
All in all , what looked to be a night of hopeless waiting turns out ok...

current mood: giddy

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5:24a - sun god sucked!
free concert at school today (fri night) Knocturnal , No use for a name, and Cake played.
Knoc sucked cuz his mixer was messed up, so he performed for barely 15 minutes. Cake was slow to get on stage and their stuff was too mellow.
But one good thing came out of tonight, I saw Kristen there and asked her out!
So we're gonna hang out tomorrow night, hopefully I'm reading her correctly and this thing is gonna be more than a friendly thang. I've known this girl since last quarter! hope she didn't mind the wait... wish me luck.

current mood: excited

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