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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, May 19th, 2002
11:33p - decisions,decisions.
Janna's coming down Tuesday, I hope she doesn't feel neglected if I go out without her next week!

so the 'date' with Kristen went pretty well, if you could call it that. I'm still not sure how she feels about me, if at all... ok if I break it down... she did pass up a night downtown with her roomies for a movie with me. we had a pretty decent conversation during dinner, but after the movie it kinda died down. She said she had a good time, so hopefully I can take her out again this week. I'm thinking dancing so we can break the touch barrier. So far there hasn't been enough casual contact for my liking, so I can set this straight once and for all through a night of salsa! haha, then we'll see if she's hesitant about contact or not! I'm thinking this thursday... not too soon, you think?

Now here's some other potentially interesting news... I had practice with my latin dance group today and Anna was there (finally) . So we had a pretty productive practice I thought. We came up with a few more moves to add to our routine, and I practiced the death drop with anna. I don't know if I'm reading her wrong but I think there could be potential here... Here's something little I noticed... after practice she mentioned that she was hungry... hmmm open invitation for me to ask her to eat? too bad I had to meet Aerin for Star Wars. But anyways, she asked where I parked and we walked together. I suggested that we go out to Cafe Sevilla again, and she seemed all for it. Remember last time we went with Katherine? Maybe I can get a better idea if we go out dancing? Or maybe we can go alone! Or maybe I can ask her out to lunch or something totally unrelated to class? suggestions welcome!

This is fun!

current mood: confused

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