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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002
12:28a - Janna's here!
picked her up from the airport this afternoon! So far, I've taken her to my lunch spot, the Flame Broiler and for dinner, Friday's. So tomorrow, her and Dee are headed to Disneyland! I respectfully declined , I have much studying to do tomorrow and I took them last year already.

So anyways, I wonder if Kristen gets annoyed when I call her for notes... I called her today and asked if she was going to the homework session, because I was going to miss it. so she seemed ok with sharing the notes with me, but then after i got back from the airport, turns out she didnt even go to the session... sigh... Well hopefully, this in no way reflects upon whether or not she gets bugged by me getting notes from her...
Well if she's in a good mood tomorrow, I'll ask her to go salsa with me Thursday. wish me luck!

Dave needs a job. I have one now, but I need a better job... I'm starting to apply to more places, hopefully I'll get more call backs... Jo says that she has a friend at accenture, so maybe... hopefully I can get a hook up...

current mood: contemplative

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