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Dave's Journal

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Monday, May 27th, 2002
1:28a - guess who I saw last night?
Joe Rogan, that guy from Fear Factor and Newsradio. We headed to Ramiro's after the party and at around 2 or 3am he rolled up in his yukon with his crew. I didn't really think anything of it when he rolled up, just thought he was a typical La Jollan rollin up to a late night burrito joint. Well as I was waiting for my burrito I hear the drunk girls in front of me strike up a conversation with the short guy with a cap. Then I overheard them talking about Fear Factor and the girls were trying to trip him up by asking him what he did before newsradio, he said hardball, which I had never heard of, so I guess he wasnt lying. But once he passed their test, they snapped a couple of photos with him and left. Pretty damn funny. Our brush with fame for the night.

So anyways Saturday night , party at some house in PB. I parked pretty far from the party since we thought there'd be no parking there. So afterwards, we decide to walk it to Ramiro's since we needed some sober up time. It was further than we thought... it took at least 20 minutes to get there. And it took us like half an hour to walk back to the car! Man at least Aerin sobered up enough to drive, I ended up crashing as soon as I got in the car my ass was out. So from his place I managed to drive home a block away... at that point I was just tired as hell so I forgot to take off my damn contacts. When I wake up, my contacts are dry and bugging the heck out of my eyes. i hate when I do that! So I pry them off my eyes and go back to sleep. Woke up with a call from Tammy. I guess she's returning the favor since I called her thurs night to try to get a ride home, but she wasn't too hot on that idea. So today she was like go back to sleep call me when you're awake. I was like 'why you callin me so early?'

"I'm bored"

so anyways whenever I talk to someone while I'm half awake. I end up forgetting that I talked to them, it's as if I dreamed it all.

Oh yeah, about Anna ... no love man. she didnt show for practice and never called me back for dancing. can someone say flaky? oh well, she was kinda cute.

So today I took J&D to Cozymel's for lunch and we just chill for the rest of the night.
Man I am getting stir-crazy! I seriously need to get out! THis is how bad it's getting, Janna is trying to get me to see the religious undertones in all the music videos that we're watching. And trying to show me how rapper's are rapping about God when they sing, etc etc... My God woman! Just enjoy the damn video! haha! seriously, I think that if something was made for entertainment like a music video. Take it for what it is... entertainment... that's it... I guess that's why music and videos work for so many people.... people see what they want to see. like poetry, you interpret it the way you see it, sometimes I guess not in the way the author intended.
Hmm the plan for tomorrow...shopping.

Well next week should be more eventful. Jorge is gonna be in town and Jo might visit from Irvine. So man I need to get out before finals creeps up. Jeez I still have to make sure I pass my damn econ class. time to get crackin

current mood: annoyed

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