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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
12:02a - whew peace at last!
haha, just kidding... anyways I just dropped Janna and Deanna off at the airport. It was nice having company but even nicer to have the place to myself again. Having a kid around is draining. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to handle that!

Practiced with the dance group today. Anna thinks one of the girls gave her attitude today. But I didn't notice. Anyways, we have a pretty good routine for the salsa. Exciting stuff! haha I wish I were better though. Takes practice, I suppose.

about last weekend...So Anna was like, 'you're gonna kill me but it was totally unplanned. I was sitting at home, when some of my girls called and convinced me to go to the Belly-up (salsa club) anyway, I had no intention of dancing , but my friend Freddy( a great salsero) made me dance with him, and after that people started coming up to me and dancing! But I totally didn't plan on dancing,"
that sounded like a semi-apology to me for the no callback. anyways, she did suggest we go salsa again so hopefully we can salsa at least once more before graduation. Anna's a great dancer and easy to lead.

Tammy bought me dinner tonight, which was very generous of her! She said it was for buying for her last time. Hey I ain't one to turn down free food! can you believe that she's class of 2000 (high school) and I'm class of 1995? Man I feel old! haha, anyways that girl has her shit together. she's thinking of applying for the masters program (which is amazing because it means she'll have her masters in 4 years since High school!!!) I wish I had that discipline.

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