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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, June 1st, 2002
5:22a - gross what's this in my mouth?
So I wake up this morning (fri) groggy and wobbly with my damn contacts still on! So I get up head to the bathroom and do my business when I notice there's something soft and moist in my mouth! It was my friggin gum from the night before... man good thing I didnt swallow it and choke!

So that pretty much tells you the kinda night I had.
It started after work with a nice dinner with Josie, Liz and her man. Then things got interesting.
I didn't have to drive to the party, so I got my swerve on baby! Tammy drove the crew to the party. I can vaguely recall having a damn good time. I remember keg stands and spilling a cup of beer on the carpet. I think what put me over was the drinking game (sevens? i think it was called) Anyways since I can't remember the full details... we all had a good time. even Tammy ! Since she couldnt drink, she managed to do pretty well for herself. So somehow after the party, I managed to crawl into bed with all my clothes on and my gum still in my mouth. I wake up and the lights are all still on, the computer's on, the PS2's on. man ... rough night.

So Friday night I went to watch the Kings v Lakers game at Josie and Patty's place. Damn those Lakers fans. I was the only Kings fan in the house. Gotta root for Nor cali baby! LA sucks balls! haha anyways, we'll see if the kings can do better at home on Sunday.

Hehe I was supposed to watch the game with Aerin and the rest of the guys but I can't turn down a homecooked meal with 2 attractive girls! haha I'm so weak-willed.

So I hung out with Josie until the crew decided which place to hit up. We ended up at a party near my place. I drove this time so no drinky for me. Cops came and told us to shut up, but they actually were cool about it. saying that 12am is too early to break this party up, so quiet down so we don't have to come back! So we bounced a little after that and ended up at Christine's for beer, video games and movies.

Saturday night... the plan is Downtown baby!

So anyway, I need to get up around 8 for work tomorrow. lates...

current mood: amused

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