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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2002
8:21p - 3 colleges in one night
We were rollin deep last night! I think there were 20 of us fools driving in a 4 car caravan to the parties last night! So first we hit up a party at SDSU but they're on summer break already so it wasn't that full. By the time we got there, we literally doubled the party! So we drank a little and bounced since we saw no sign of the legendary hot SDSU chicks.

Next up was a party at USD, it was only ok. However, there were a few hot Brazilians there! But we knew no one and people started askin us, so who do you know here? A seriously fine Swedish girl started talking to Christine and they had some Swedish vibe goin on. We were like, damn! hook us up, but we discover that she's married. So we played a little foosball and bounced to our last party.
The last party was actually a UCSD party! And you know UCSD is not known for our social scene. However it was some kind of luau and there were a lot of asians, so me, Chaz, Aerin and Ed were like, dude we could have such good odds here. (Ed and Chaz are tall and white) and with me to take the ones that like the asians, we coulda racked up some numbers! Damn that should definitely have been the first party we hit up last night !! Chaz Bobby and Danny got there a half hour before the rest of us and were telling us about the hotties we were missing out on! So by the time we got there it was 2 am and the neighbors came by to get them to break it up! There were definitely some hotties there but everyone was taking off when we got there.

So we end up at Jorge's place and eat.
Then me and Aerin bounce over to Christine's place where the roommates were having a heated discussion over some of the most random shit. Arguing over Ocean Beach and their homeless people, Star Wars, music... pointless stuff. We chill there for a little while and then bounced after we all started falling asleep.

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8:36p - damn lakers
i swear man... the Kings coulda had the series. LA sucks ass!

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