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Saturday, June 8th, 2002
11:01p - drama ! plus the kicker...
Well on wednesday, there was nearly a catfight between Anna and one of the other group members! The other girl apparently resents the fact that Anna missed practice a few times and called her on it (for not being a team player) after anna commented on the other girl's lack of participation. For a moment there I swear they were gonna go at it! But things settled down. I think it was the pressure of having the performance a day away and not having our routine down.

Thursday was the performance and we were practicing for two hours straight before the performance. So right before the big show, Anna got us all together in a huddle we did one of those pregame 'go team!' So we all set aside our differences and got out there and tried not to mess up too bad. out of all the routines of our group, the one that got the most reaction from the crowd was Anna and me doing salsa. she had this one move that she taught me, a half spin one way then a quadruple spin the other way, that got applause during the performance , which felt nice... you know, our hard work paying off and all. The other move that got a ooo reaction was my move , where i go around her behind her then back in front with a spin, I know, thats a crappy description but trust me it was pretty good (at least when we pull it off correctly it's good) And finally we ended the whole thing with a slow ragdoll dip to 'could i have this kiss forever'. We pulled together nice and close for effect and that got us nice applause. So afterwards, everyone congratulated us and we tried to get as much info out of the audience as possible. someone overheard the teacher saying,' she's good isn't she?' and someone else mentioned that Tony (the teacher) had a pleased look on his face during our routine, so we aced it baby!

Afterwards we were all giddy from the rush of being up there. Anna was telling me that I spun her pretty damn hard but in the end we managed to pull it off. The TA asked us, 'during the performance, when you guys were talking, that was to show the getting to know each other stage of the Bachelor right?" we just agreed with him, but in reality, i hadn't memorized all of the routines and I had to have each girl remind me of the next move on a few occasions! hehe

Anyway, here's the kicker. after the performance we all sat down and watched the other groups. So imagine my amazement when anna strides over and sits her tiny ass down on my lap! I just went with it and scooted her on up when I felt her slipping. So she stayed there through 2 performances! (almost 30 minutes) Yes, David was a happy camper. So anyway I don't want to read too much into it but that's got to be some kind of a good signal right? I know for a fact that girls aren't touchy with fools they're not interested in right? Whatevers. nonquitt00 was saying how the rest of the class probably thought that we had something going on there! You know, since we had 3 pretty risque dips and ended on a pretty damn romantic tip, one must've either thought that we had something going on or... she was playin her part? Man what a day.
So anyway the plan is gonna be salsa sunday with anna and Katherine. We'll see what kinda vibe I can pick up from Anna then. nonquitt00 thinks I should bring her a flower, I would but I don't think it's a date though... Just a few of us dancing!

speaking of the other groups,one group had their shit down! they did West Side Story and had damn good choreography compared to us. but... they didn't have as much partner dancing as we did.

Back to Anna , I called her up Friday for lunch, but she didn't pick up her cel. BUT, she called me back even though I didn't leave a vmail. Things are looking promising. But as someone has said,"we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear" So I try to throw in a dose of reality with my optimism every once in a while. But anyway, she called back and unfortunately she wasn't anywhere nearby and I had to go to work so no lunch. But it managed to turn into a decent little conversation, and she made sure we were still on for salsa on sunday. We'll see how things go tomorrow

You know what line usually has more meaning behind it when coming from a girl you've never met?
'could you tell me what time it is?'
I have yet to try "it'll cost you your name 7 digit # and a date with me tomorrow at 8" haha
next time I will, I swear!

I can't believe graduation is a week away!
Ok I have to get back to studying, finals mon-wed.
most worried about tuesday (econometrics) sigh
wish me luck

current mood: working

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