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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
4:05a - Glory B Da Funk's On Me!
I took the dreaded Econemetrics Final today and it just didn't feel right from the get-go. First of all, right when I got in to the class I hear the 4 people sitting behind me saying how srewed there were. Then 10 minutes into it, Prof. Thoma caught a dude cheating! That goes to show how desperate we all are to try and pass this damn class, Anyways 20 minutes later the first guy turned in his final, but he just gave up. He just shook his head as he turned in his final to Thoma.

As we were approaching the last half hour of the final, he starts joking about our predicament! he was saying how the econometrics class in the summer should be much easier and how he gets a bonus if 100+ students enroll for the summer session. ( a joke, I hope)

So this is it... 4 years worth of schooling and it comes down to this one shitty class to determine if I graduate now, or live down here for 6 more months. I'm emailing Thoma on Monday to see if i passed. Pray for me. Please.

Grace mentioned she's visiting again in August, but she's coming down with her lap dog Armando, oh wait... did I say that out loud ? ;) I meant her friend, so they can take care of her sister's kids while shes away. So I doubt I'm gonna see her. sigh too bad, we coulda partied so hard that week. But I guess she just wants to sit on her ass and watch TV all week! heheh! But she'll be down this weekend for grad, gotta go salsa ! si?

Last final tomorrow! But no one to celebrate with, everyone else will be still studying for finals tomorrow night. Maybe Anna's free... one can always hope.

current mood: stressed

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