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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, June 15th, 2002
8:10p - Grace is messed up
So i head over to the airport to pick up Grace. But she was a no-show. Instead of calling me in advance to let me know that she wasn't coming, she made Janna call me to tell me she couldn't make her flight. What a coward! If your going to pull shit like this, have the balls to do so in person! So she wastes over a hundred dollars by not taking the flight for whatever reason. I'm guessing it was to appease her man. But seriously... are you going to let someone else dictate how to live your life? If so, you have a twisted sense of what a relationship is. Anyway, point is. It was my graduation, she missed it, didn't bother to call me to explain. Made Janna call me to tell me that she was going to flake. And then not even give a real explanation of why she flaked. She says it had to do with timing? what is that crap? Question... Why not catch a later flight? I don't need someone this inconsiderate in my life.

She truly is fucked up.
Grace I wish you and your overweight lap dog well in life.

current mood: pissed off

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