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Dave's Journal

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
2:42p - Grace, You think I'm the coward? really?
Grace, you really think I'm a pussy for not wanting to talk to you? Who's the one too scared to tell me they weren't coming to my graduation in person? You were so unthoughtful, that you made my friend call me to tell me you weren't coming to my graduation. You think that's not pussy? Who's the one who didn't return my phone calls? Who's the one who didn't pick up the phone? Who's the one that waited til the last minute to let me know you weren't going to came?That's right Grace, it was you. Now all of a sudden after reading somedthing you don't like, you decide to call me? What, did you magically unlose my phone number? How convenient. .. She's able to lose my phone number when she doesn't want to call me in person, but yet when she feels that she needs to insult me, she manages to find my phone number. You are a piece of work Grace, truly...

No, I'm not afraid to talk to you Grace. I just choose not to. Talking to you would only remind me of what a shitty person you are. You're petty enough to, after not calling to apologize, call me and leave me a message saying I'm pussy? you're psycho dude. Seriously. Talking to you is the last thing i'd ever want to do. figure it out.

You were down to the last straw with me already and flaking out on your trip really puts the last nail in the coffin. Really Grace, do you really think it's necessary for us to talk anymore? After you were willing to flake out without a word to me in person? Not even a call to apologize? You were inconsiderate enough to let me and my friends go to the airport to pick you up when you knew at least 2 hours ahead of time that you weren't going to make it. Really nice, grace that's really nice. No, I think I'm done talking. There's nothing you could say that i'd want to hear. I'm done with being continuously disappointed by you. Always going back on your word, always flaking. I do not need people like you in my life.

current mood: annoyed

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3:16p - WOO HOO
Dave just got his final grade! I passed my econometrics classs!!!!!!!! Thank you God!
So now that I'm an official UCSD graduate. My first act as graduate will be to put on my UCSD alumni license plate frame. But seriously, I thought I might have failed that class. I'm so relieved.

current mood: relieved

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