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Saturday, June 22nd, 2002
3:49a - Crazy couple of nights
Last night saw Bourne identity with Josie Myron and Mir. Pretty good movie. Then went to PB bar and grill with Jorge and the guys, met this cute filipino/italian chick that looked hawaiian but got blocked at the last minute by their guy friends, Tony , who was talking to the other friend, wanted to kick those guys asses for pulling the girls away, but we let it go. Bobby got his ID confiscated because the bouncers didnt think it was him... idiots

Tonight... Dinner with Josie, Liz, Jamie and friends at outback... First time I've ever eaten there I think... I wasn't disappointed.
Then on to Minority Report with Jen and Aerin. I think i liked Bourne identity better. Minority dragged a bit. Or maybe it was that stuffy theater. It was a full house, so the a/c wasn't kickin in quick enough for me. It did have a decent story and special f/x though.
So from there, I headed to PB to meet up Jorge and the guys at Typhoon Saloon. Tony (visiting from Davis) was griping about how the girls kept asking if he went to SDSU and how everyone there was SDSU. I did notice that the crowd seemed more attractive than usual... (for PB that is) Saw Mike's girlfriend Jenn, that girl is fine... I don't blame Mike for being possessive. Anyway, she was feeling wobbly so she was hanging around my neck for the end of the night. Man I'm one lucky sob.... Seriously, that girl is fine... See! she's so fine I had to say it twice!
So then we all head to ramiro's for grub.
There was a fight tonight at Ramiro's. Man of all the stupid things to get into a fight over, but a burrito? cmon... Anyway, two guys were arguing over a seat and it escalated from there.
Anyway, somehow a girl got involved by trying to break it up and she ended up getting hit, which is not cool, because you just don't do that. So Cal went in to get the girl away from the punk ass that started everything. That's how my night ended.

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