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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, June 30th, 2002
1:08p - vip status everywhere baby!
Last night at 11pm: First me and Mike Lowrey hit up Croce's for live salsa where he talked the bouncer into getting us in 2 for 1, but that place was more for an older crowd, then we hit up Ole Madrid where Mike got us in the VIP line. Ole wasn't as busy as usual but it was pretty good. Chaz and Mike found two honeys right off the bat. Me and Jorge were taking care of the girls we met last week at On Broadway. All in all we had a good time.

Then we hit up E street Alley for afterhours. Mike came through again, getting 15 of us in for no cover! ($15) . Man we're just VIPs everywhere we go! That place was pretty damn crowded for 3 am!

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7:47p - ouch! burned at the beach.
today at 7:00pm: called the Belly-Up only to discover that salsa is not going on tonight. they're having a jazz band. that means no salsa with Anna or Katherine. It always works out like this eh?

dang it! I knew I'd get burned, I was stupid for not putting any sunscreen on my back, now I'm red like a lobster back there! Shoulda listened to Christine.... she was all tellin me to put on some sunscreen on my back. Anyway, after Fatburger for lunch, we all hit up Pacific Beach for some sun and games. Wasn't even blazing sunny, just on and off sunny! So now instead of white, my back is friggin red. At least my team won at ultimate frisbee. I did discover that I'm horrible at it though...
The water was so cold ! I went in for a little bit but my shorts are still soaking wet...

I am not going out in the sun in Vegas... that place is 110 degrees right now. My back is itchy.

current mood: sore

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