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Dave's Journal

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Monday, July 1st, 2002
11:50a - $2 you call its - at moondoggies
Last night at 11pm: drinking a $2 G&T at moondoggie's, you can't beat that with a stick. Anyway we had a few drinks and foosball at moondoggies after a fine dinner at Denny's
Jen was raggin on me all night about the fact that when I downshift to 3rd gear, i keep the clutch in, defeating the purpose of the shift. I think that it's good just in case I want to go to 3rd gear, but anyway I didn't think it was a big deal but it apparently bugged her to no end. So I'm gonna have to have her teach me the proper way of shifts and downshifts and the finer intricacies of letting the clutch out appropriately. (but I say if the car goes, then what the fuck , right?)

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