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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
12:41a - Still hurtin
today at 9am: Trying to adjust to a position on my bed that won't aggravate my sunburned back. annoyed that I can't get back to sleep. Don't you hate waking before the alarm?

Dinner at George's at the Cove. That place is pretty expensive but has a great view of the water! It was Carl's last night in town before heading back to Sweden so Christine, Connie, Van , Galen and I head to Georges for a fancy dinner. I discover that the terrace section actually has entrees under $30 , unlike the main restaurant which averages $30/plate. Good food, nothing spectacular for the price. Dessert was mighty tasty, they ordered up creme brulee and a raspberry truffle. Rich stuff. I hear that the main section of the restaurant below the terrace has great food albeit crazy prices.

Vegas tomorrow baby! I can't wait.

I'm sleeping on my stomach tonight.

current mood: sore

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