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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
8:46p - Still recovering from Vegas!
Friday at 7:45 AM: Holding on for dear life as Jen weaves through traffic going over 100mph on the I-15 South.

Just drove in Friday morning with Jen. We left Vegas at 7AM and made it to San Diego in 3 hours 45 minutes, and that was with a pit stop too! That's gotta be some kind of record! Made it in time for work at 11 !

Man Vegas was tough on the wallet. I lost everything that I went there with... We played mostly blackjack and craps, and i tried out roulette but didn't really get a good run going.

Night #1: we got in to Vegas about midnight and drank a little in the room before hitting up the tables that night. We were all a little buzzed that night and ended up at the casinos until the sun came up.
Day #2: Hit up Gold Coast for some 50 cent roulette. then it's poolside at a complimentary cabana in New York New York courtesy of Geo the high roller. The damn sun was pounding on us at 110 degrees though! Not helping my sunburn recovery.

So we were at the bar in New York New York, where my buddy decides to approach the two hot chicks at the middle of the bar. They seemed to hit it off well because there was laughing, body contact, etc. But as we find out later, all was not as it seemed. He comes back and told us that they're cool but one night with one of them will cost us $300 and $1000 for the both of them to rock our world! OK this is only the beginning of our interesting evening. So after I play a few hands of blackjack, I head back to the bar to meet up with the crew. Jen was talking to one of the performers so I sat down at the bar, and right away this very cute exotic looking brunette 2 seats away smiles at me and says hi. Now I was a little drunk at that point , so I was thinking damn, Daves got some mojo going on tonight eh? Must be the shoes. Anyway, she comes over and we start talking, she has this thick accent and I discover that shes from New Zealand and then she asks if I'm alone. I'm like nope, then she mentions it's a slow night , I'm like there's a decent amount of people around, she's like well, it depends on the guys I meet...At this point I was slowly beginning to realize... man! this chick's a prostitute too! At this point Jen's done and the rest of us take off. So ok... this is whore #2 for the boys.

Next up, bathroom pit stop. as I come out ,I see my buddy talking up an older looking blonde, and they were totally hitting it off ! He introduces me to her and she seemed a little buzzed but I didn't make anything of it. So he takes her up to our room for a beer or two and you know with us that we have a gentleman's agreement, no barging in while a play's in action... but lo and behold twenty minutes later he calls me on my cel and gave me the all clear, I was like, dude, little quick tonight aren't we?
But he tells me that after he talked to her for a little while, she mentioned $300 for the night, DANG! She was definitely not worth 3 bills. Anyway, he boots her out of the room and we proceed to the tables to win a few hundred dollars that night. But seriously... 3 strikes man! Hookers keep on comin up to us! We must look like pimps or something.

Night #3 : we hit up Mandalay where I lost the rest of my fundage... So at that point, we decide to head back to the room at 3 am and set up our own damn casino. We break out a deck of cards and use coins as chips (penny=$100) etc... and play poker and blackjack, we even had free beer just like a real casino!

Work was tough, being that I haven't gotten a good night's rest since Monday night! I had to try to get through work with only 2 hours of rest . We woke up at 5:30 Friday morning and took off after breakfast.
I fell asleep as soon as I hit the couch after work.

Favorite commercial: VW 'big day'
Where the guy in a Jetta is rushing to get to someone's wedding. You see a shot of the bride, at the end he shows up at the church late and the groom looks at the bride and the bride looks over at the guy. What a shot. straight out of the Graduate.

current mood: exhausted

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