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Dave's Journal

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Monday, July 8th, 2002
4:16a - Salsa !
after falling asleep watching the Giants beat up the Diamondbacks, I woke up to a call from Catherine. Anna and Catherine wanted to salsa, of course I'm still recovering from that cold I got in Vegas but who am I to turn down salsa with 3 attractive women? So of course I wake up and fix myself up so that I could pick them up. We went to the belly-up in Solana Beach. They had a great live band. Orquesta Primo... Good stuff...
We were all a little rusty at first but after a dance or two we all got the hang of it again. I had called up Chaz and Geo for some last minute back up but no luck there. I just had to try and handle myself with the girls. at one point I started dancing with both Anna and Catherine at once, that proved to be more difficult than it seems though so that didn't last us too long. But dang that place closes early. They closed up at 12:30...
So after we dropped off Anna and Carly, Catherine and I got a burrito a El Coti's. Here's the embarassing part, after buying her drinks at the club, I was out of green and I was gonna hit the ATM but she was like, 'that's what you get for paying all night, don't worry about it, I got you.' My sugar mami.
She's a cool chick, didn't seem like she was one of those high maintenance picky eater types, she downed a plate of carne asada fries! Much props, those things are pretty big, and yet she's still skinny. So now we that have each others numbers (we knew each other through Anna), let's see if anything develops...

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