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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, July 10th, 2002
1:48a - what's Jo doing on TV????
Tonight at 12:00 am: watching the fifth wheel , laughing my ass off at Jo on TV! what a trip!
Haha! that was hilarious! for those of you that missed Jo's TV debut on the Fifth Wheel. You missed JoJo doin the twist for some New Zealander and showing off her boobies for the world to see!

The ending was funny too! The 3 guys are supposed to choose between the 2 gals (hence the 5th wheel name) but all 3 guys chose Jo! She looked all surprised and giggly!

Jo , Tammy wants to know why you chose the ugly dude! I woulda chosen the dude with an accent. I like chicks with accents.

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