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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, July 11th, 2002
7:37p - My job sucks ass!
Tonight at 2:00 am : griping to Jo about my job situation.

Anyway, after a lengthy debate in which I discover that my manager is unwilling to budge on my raise, let's just say we're $8,000 dollars apart on where we each think I should be salary wise. What a punk ass! I am so pissed off right now it ain't even funny. You mean to tell me that my bachelor's degree is only worth $2,000 more than my current salary? Fuck that! I am finding a job anywheres else, that will pay me even a G more than I'm makin now. I'm leaving on principle. If this is how they treat their employees that bring in the dollars, and have been loyal for 6 years, fuck it. Im leaving ASAP.
I'm going to turn up the job search and ditch my job as soon as I can find ANYTHING better. This isn't funny, it's straight up laughable that they think they can get away with giving me a 2G raise.
I was like look at my performance in 2000 (when I was full time) he straight belittled my shit. He was like that's the past, you've got to prove to me now. and he wants me take take this shit pay for 6 months and then maybe then he'll hook me up with a raise. The salary he's offering me is only 1G more than what the brand new personal bankers get.

On a lighter note, the crew hit up Karl Strauss for $2 pints tonight! That was fun, we rolled deep 20 people deep, me and Geo rolled up with Stephanie, hottie.

current mood: disappointed

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