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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, July 13th, 2002
tonight at 7 pm: calling Kristen out of the blue for dinner

My boss is seriously pissin me off. He really wants me to leave, or at least fire me, because he's threatening me now. He's like: I'll give you three more times to be late. then what huh? mofo... Man! I hope I can fucking get a job lined up so I can quit on his smug ass! then we'll see what's up biotch! ok I'm a little upsetm I admit. But still the Company screwed me over salary wise. Dave unhappy.

OK on a lighter note...
Decided to give Kristen a call. It's been a while since I've seen this girl. Damn we haven't seen each other since our Econ final! Anyways, I was hungry and decide to call her.. She had just snacked and wasn't too hungry, (at that point I'm thinkin, oh well no Kristen tonight) but she was down to go with me. After showing up late ( this is a bad recurring theme with me and her , I always seem to pick her up late) We go to Yummy Maki Yummy box for some Japanese and caught up. She's been up in Pasadena and Buena Vista for the past 2 weeks since graduation and just got back recently. I told her about Ole Madrid tomorrow and she's down to go, so it sounds like a plan! Also mentioned salsa and she was like, " I'll try but you'll have to teach me" She's a cool chick. (she can drive stick) you remember my philosophy on girls that drive stick? If they go out of their way to learn how to drive a manual tranny, that is a sign of a girl that appreciates the little things in life. That is the sign of a cool chick. Don't get me wrong, it's not a 100% but hey most of the time... I've found it to be true. So we had dinner and then I took her back home ecause she was goin sake-bombing with her friends.
Must admit we both seemed to have a good time at dinner!

After dinner: Met up Geo at his place and Stephanie was there too, we all chilled for a bit then me and Geo took off to the 9-bed in PB. Steph didn't want to come out. So we pick up Justin, EO and them and roll to PB. The 9-bed was chill as usual, met a new chick named Heidi, she has potential, but we met only briefly. Chaz and Ben rolled by and us 3 decide to hit up the PB bar scene. We walk from bar to bar checking out the lines and the cover charges before settling on Moondoggie's. We chill there for a bit then hop on to the other bars then finally gettng some late night grub. At first we all wanted a cheesesteak from WhizWit but I thought it was on the same block as Longboard's but it was actually 2 blocks towards the beach. so Chaz settles for a burrito at Ramone's while me and Ben get the whip. Ah! but along the way we find WhizWit and decide to get a cheesesteak there. that hit the spot! Chaz of course had finished his burrito and was wondering where the fuck we were and finally calls us and then joins us at WhizWit. Had our little discussion on girls past present and future and our philosophies on them, very enlightening stuff. Girls kill for this kind of insight don't they? Anyways it was time to head out. I have work at 8:45 tomorrow and am not looking forward to my job anymore. The love is gone.

tomorrow night's gonna go off! Henk's having a birthday celebration and he's inviting his frat and sorority buddies, so it should be packed with us fools at Ole Madrid. Stephanie's gonna come out (Geo's hot neighbor) , so is Kristen and a lot more!

current mood: optimistic

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