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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, July 18th, 2002
4:46a - job interview and then $1 corona's and jagermeisters in Pacific Beach
Interviewed with an investment company today, went well enough to warrant a 2nd interview... sounds good but don't know if it'll pay better than the current job.

Night falls and I'm in PB with the boys. First we hit up Margarita Rocks for $1 beers and drinks, after looking around, I could see why they needed it, that place kinda blows. The waitresses are hotter than 80% of the clientele... So after getting our cheap beer, we hit up Typhoon Saloon, the new place to be in PB. Best part about tonight, besides seeing the girls... I only spent $3 on drinks! We all bought rounds...

I had told Catherine and Anna earlier that I'd probably see them there. But we ended up hitting up Typhoon pretty late. Man I looked like a mack tonight...I found them but two guys were trying to mack to them but Catherine looked bored so I'd figure that I'd save her from that fool. I hopped in and they were both like HEY!!!! I guess they weren't feelin those guys. So I get a big hug from the two of them and at that point the other dudes made their exit. It was pretty damn funny, Geo saw it and was laughin. But sigh, they were on their way out and Catherine wasn't feeling the bar at all, they had been there for 2 hours already and were getting sick of the 80's cover band.... and they both paid 5 bucks to get in too. We didn't have to pay tonight, of course... You know how we roll... VIP status everywhere.
So the girls took off after a little bit but tomorrow we may just have to hit up PB again, this time with the girls.

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10:14p - Lunch with Catherine and then salsa with Kristen
Called Catherine from work today, I'm still getting used to the full time shift. 1 hour lunches suck when you eat alone, so I rang her up. She'd just woken up an hour earlier so I checked if she wanted to get lunch with me an hour later, she was like ok, I have to get ready but call me later. So at 1 I call her and she drove down to my work we had a little lunch. I like this girl, she's down for most anything. haha, when she got there my boss was all ready to get up to help her before realizing that we knew each other. That guy always takes the hot chicks.

So Thursday night, salsa with Kristen, pretty fun, but had the boys with me so it wasn't one on one the whole time. She seemed to have fun though.

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