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Dave's Journal

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Monday, July 22nd, 2002
2:48p - Party in OB
Saturday night: Party in some girls' house in Ocean Beach. Chaz and Geo DJ'ed, alot of people I havent seen in a while were there, Jen brought Jamie, Christine and Connie were there, Reza even came out. Afterwards, California burritos at Santana's.

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8:38p - salsa!
Sunday night: Geo and I had dinner with Tammy at a little hole in the wall sushi place downtown called Sushi Deli. Great prices and good food for the money. So we all chilled for a little bit. The night was up in the air, we were waiting on a call from Maria and her friends. Geo had met them at Ole Madrid the week before.

So we were at my place getting ready when Anna called with good news, Belly up was doing salsa tonight. The original band that was supposed to play had cancelled so salsa was on for tonight! I convinced Geo to go and we pulled JR and Bobby to go too. Maria and her friends were supposed to meet us there but ended up flaking. So they're cancelled.

Anyway we roll up and have a couple of beers before heading in. Right as we walk to the door Anna and Catherine pull up. Anna was feisty as usual saying that I always lag. She walked off, but Catherine's the nice one, they're two different personalities but when they get on the dance floor, it's the opposite.Catherine seems more aggressive and Anna is a bit more conservative.
So Catherine and Anna switched off dancing with me. But at some point after we had a few drinks, I could tell Catherine was getting tipsy, it was pretty funny because during the rumba it looked like we were taking turns keeping each other from falling down. At least that's what Anna was saying. Her impression of us dancing was pretty bad, I though we looked ok out there. But Catherine was beginning to turn wobbly, so yeah, we were buzzin. Anyway, they tried to teach Geo some moves but he never did get on the dance floor though. What was cool was me and Geo didn't spend a single dollar there! After the beers from home, Catherine bought me a drink and the JR bought us all a round, and at that point i was good to go.
The club a little emptier than usual, so we had enough space to do our dips and spins,
Anna told Catherine that my leading has gotten much better and Catherine agreed but I think it was probably the alcohol or the practice I had at Cafe Sevilla on Thursday. But anyway we managed to impress my buddies with our moves. But man, we saw Freddy, ,Anna's friend from work, with his partner and they truly lit up the dance floor. I want to get to that point...
Man dancing is a heck of a workout, by the end of the night my shirt was soaked, Geo was telling me that I had wings on my back from all the sweat back there.

current mood: happy

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10:16p - Loren's engaged!
Man I miss that girl, who am I supposed to watch movies with now ? She'd be my movie buddy back when she was here. Loren was probably the most attractive teller at my branch, that was back when we had attractive tellers! After she took off, we lost the cute ones, one by one. Now it's guy tellers and the cheerleader. But anyway, I saw Loren on AIM and find out that she's engaged and making good money... happy for her, but sigh what could've been... haha!
She's in Texas now, with her soon to be med student fiance. Wow... everyone around me is getting hitched...

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