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Thursday, July 25th, 2002
9:03p - Dinner with Catherine
Last night: Having Dinner with Catherine at CPK. This girl has a big family! 6 siblings! And they all get along... Anyway we had a pretty good dinner, I'm glad I was able to get her alone finally, because we always go out with Anna, it helps to see what kind of vibe I'm getting. Man I don't know with her, I don't want to read into anything just yet. We'll see how things go next time we go out. Bottom line is this, we have good conversation, when we go out we have a good time, and she has a good sense of humor. Well let's see what happens...

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9:29p - mean people at work
Man this is two days in a row where I've dealt with some really mean people! Yesterday I had to help some lady that was really rude on the phone. Plus it didn't help that we managed to hang up on her twice, but I bet you it was karma, haha. Anyway today I dealt with a 23 year old girl telling me that I wasn't grasping what she was trying to explain. Look gal, what is there to grasp about you not paying attention to your account for 3 months and letting fees pile up? No excuse for your laziness and now you want to step to me and say I should reverse your fees? You were attractive before you opened that mouth of yours! I do not get paid enough to deal with this crap. I need a job where I don't deal with retail customers, they act so mean sometimes! Dave needs a new job...dang, anyway now that I got that off my chest.

Christine called me out for some lunch, found out some dirty behind the scenes gossip about why Connies dinner party was cancelled. Basically Connie invited too many people and did not expect to cook for 15 folks, so she told Van , her roommate that she's just gonna make appetizers, Van disagreed and wanted to her to cook the original amt and Van would cook the rest, Connie disagreed, Van then offered to cook for everyone and have Connie chip in, Connie disagreed, anyway that's that. Someone's being unreasonable.

San Diego is like a giant tease for guys. There are so many beautiful women down here that are so out of my league...they seem to have a set crop of guys that they adhere to though...(think taller , whiter, and surf) but hey one of these days, I will find my beach blonde tan San Diego gal. (did I really say that?) Anyway this comes from a conversation I was having with this attractive blonde from NY (has a boyfriend...naturally) but she was telling me about her job as a financial advisor and how it's commission based. That's the main thing that turns me off about those jobs. I really want the security of a salary. Performance bonuses should remain just that... bonuses... not a steady source of income that you grow dependent on. Anyway, I wished her luck on her Series 6 exam and she did the same for my career... we are the same age, and same field, and she's hot! God, please stop dangling these carrots in front of me! Seriously, there are way too many hot girls down here for me to know what the hell to do with. Sigh, but the sad fact is... most of them know so well that they are hot. haha... so that makes it doubly tough for Dave to get in there.
So anyway after we talked we shook hands and she left... at that point, the gals got on me, because they overheard us talking. Jamie was giving me a hard time about it. Anyway, it's girls like that one, that makes me stay down here.

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