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Dave's Journal

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Friday, July 26th, 2002
6:59p - What a night!
Thursday night, Me, Geo, and Bobby decide to roll out to Cafe Sevilla to met up with Barbara and friends. We met Barbara at On Broadway a few weeks ago. Her sister, Mary, was a cutie!She said she was rusty but she was pretty good. One of the better ones that I've danced with. What was neat was that at the end of some spins, she would do a little head toss, which made me look like I knew what I was doing. We were doing damn good out there! But she has a dang boyfriend. But I still got her digits though. So after dancing a couple of times with Barbara and Mary, I spot an attractive brunette sitting by herself near us, at first glance, she looked almost Asian, so I decide to approach her for a dance. After a closer look, I think she's Latin...
She accepted a little reluctantly and we headed to the dance floor. After one minute, she opens up though and starts smiling... and on top of that, was like, "Damn I thought the last guy I danced with was good, but I guess not!" So we danced until her feet ached then headed over to the bar where I find out that she has a boyfriend. I was like,"that's ok I'm not the jealous type"... Man, just my luck. But anyway, we chat on and this girl does not seem too happy with her dude. She's like, " He's cool... but... he doesn't know there's a but..." On top of that,she's cheated on him twice already...So anyway she sounds like she needs some fun in her life, so we'll see if she comes out Sunday and get her away from that boyfriend of hers.

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