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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
7:04p - Dinner with Tammy
Sometimes talking to Tammy, she seems wise beyond her age. she's so focused in what she wants to achieve, I wish I had that kind of drive. anyway, we ate at this Thai place in Mira Mesa. Decent prices, good food.
So the question was, " at the end of your life , when you look back, what one thing would make you feel most like you didn't do what you wanted in life?"
For me I figure as long as I can live comfortably and have a good circle of family and friends I'll be happy. But for her she says she feels she would have failed if she doesn't become a doctor. I guess it's true, I never want to become the type of person that'll just settle. I can feel some of that right now. Am I sticking with my current job out of comfort? Who knows... I just need to make sure that I'm not in the same job in two years. It's so easy to just get complacent and just sit around.

I need to start looking for new digs, I move out at the end of August and still don't have a new apartment lined up. We need to start looking soon.

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