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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, August 7th, 2002
1:38p - 113 degrees of desert heat!
Night 1: Rolled out around 7pm from San Diego, in JR's car where I quickly discovered that his custom subs behind the back seat had a corner that managed to poke me directly in the small of my back through the back seat padding and would've been pretty uncomfortable for the entire 4 1/2 hour trip to Vegas. In addition to that, all our gear plus all four of us guys, wasn't agreeing with the ZX2's lowered suspension and rims. So JR backtracks to his place to pick up his mom's Taurus, which had way more room and no hard objects prodding my back.

It takes us close to 5 hours to get to our fine hotel, the Frontier. This place was OG Vegas and smelled it too old cigarette smoke and good ol fashioned funk in the air. But at least the room was large and it was on the Strip, so I can't complain.
So we meet up with the rest of the crew, Justin, Ofer, Alix, Tyler, and company by showing up in a limo, that we managed to get for tip only! haha! what a night! anyway we roll up and decide to roll to a casino for some gambling, somehow after hitting one up (can't remember which one hehe) we ended up at the Frontier and played some 21.

At the end of the night we were all pretty buzzed. So most of us weren't playing too well, the only one that managed to be up that night was Justin. Flow, JR and me all lost over a $100 each. JR actually lost hist entire gambling budget that nite, but it obviously didn't keep us from having a crazy good time.
Here on out I'll refer to Jorge as (Flow) and Bobby (Looks), we had given them Vegas nicknames, since Jorge seems to flow the best out of all of us when we talk to random people, and Bobby, that's self-explanatory, so flow spots a girl with 2 boxes of pizza as we were returning to the room. So of course, we pull her over and Flow stayed true to his namesake and somehow for some unknown reason she agrees to give us all a slice of fresh pizza! All she said was," OK but hurry up, I gotta get these up to my room" So these were the magic words as we all rush in fort a slice. That really hit the spot for 5 drunk dudes trying to navigate to the room.

Day 2: We decided not to take the Taurus but instead rented one of those electric cars to ride down the Strip, the little ones that look like cool golf carts, with no doors. So all 4 of us pile inand we take off.
OK but this is the mackless part, as soon as we finish signing the rental papers, Flow pulled the car out of the parking lot after saying bye to the security guard that was jocking the car, she told us to have fun and we left. So what happens no more than 5 minutes after pulling out of the lot? Flow tries to pull a quick lane change but isn't quite used to the brakes and we bump into the Caddy ahead of us. Now keep in mind that this is the Strip at 3pm, 110 degrees and everybody and their mothers are out and about, not only that, there is a bus right behind us that is filled with people. So what the hell can we do now? there ain't no doors to hide behind, so we are on display for the Strip! Anyway to make matters worse, the bus couldn't get around us and started honking at us to move, drawing even more unnecessary attention to us. So now the entire strip and the busload of people were all watching our mackless asses. But luckily there was no damage after we all got out and checked it out. So we were able to laugh it off and even have a new phrase, anytime we're about to rear end a car, it's ,"oh man, I almost pulled a Geo!"

That little car drew so much attention, it was crazy! Girls were jockin the car and hollerin at us, guys were jockin the car, girls with guys were jockin the car. Heck guys even told their girls to look at us. It was hilarious! "Damn girl! try not to get whiplash, turning your head so fast!" Flow was like, "They jockin the car cuz we got 4 G's up in here, and I'm not talking money neither"

Night 2 The Rain, the new club in the Palms casin, had a 3 hour line that wrapped around the side of the casino to the parking lot! We were lucky that we spotted Mary and her friends in line, because that seriously shaved and hour off of our wait time! We got there at 10:30 and didn't get in til around 1 AM. That place is sick! Beautiful women everywhere! Seriously, if you think your girlfriend's the shit! After you've been here you'll say, "she ain't got nothin on these girls!"
Inside, the light setup was one of the best I've seen, with fire shooting from the roof ion time to the music. The only thing I didn't like was the excessive security and there were too many restricted areas for VIP's. Other than that, this club has to be checked out if you ever go to Vegas!

day 3 Hit up the Mandalay for the buffet, where they now give you free champagne! pretty sweet. So as we were grubbin, Bobby says something about his technique on eating crab legs since we were asking him why he didn't crack em open. He says that he prefers to suck them dry and proceeded to demonstrate. OK I don't know if it was the alcohol in me or Bobby's enthusiasm in sucking that thing . JR was like, You're good at sucking arent you? OK that set us off, both me and JR laughed until our stomachs hurt! Bobby didn't even get it at first and kept repeating , what? I like to suck it! I couldn't stop laughing at that point, my stomach was seriously hurting and my eyes were tearing up... Ah what a classic moment.

After grubbin, we hit up the tables where we proceed to lose the remainder of our money. I played blackjack and was down to my last $20 when I decide to hit up the craps table, where there was a hot shooter! $20 became $30, then $50 then on and on! I got up to $160 !!! But at that point all the boys were waiting on me since they were all out of money. So stupid me plays more and loses $70, at that point i leave the table and decide to cash out. Of course, on the way to the cashier's cage, there was a Blackjack table calling me. So I decide to sit down and try a hand. One thing led to another and I'm left with $8... sigh... that ends my trip. So the boys at this point were wonderin what happened to me. Jorge knew that if I'm taking this long, I'm probably at the tables and decides to look for me. So now Geo is tempted to play Blackjack and by the time I get there, he's left with $5. OK time to go...

Night 3 Goodbye Vegas... We drive 5 hours home but decide to roll up to the Belly Up where Anna and Catherine and some of Look's girls were supposed to be. But. by the time we got there it was midnight and they were about to close. I did spot Anna though and we danced a couple of times. She needed a ride home so we take her. But damn, this girl kicks Geo out of shotgun and claims that seat for herself! Geo's like, "she's lucky I'm talking on the phone or she woulda seen the mean side of me"
Anna was in disbelief over the fact that we drove direct from Vegas to the club and was telling JR, " why didn't you tell him no??" JR was like, " I can't tell him no, man. Dave's crazy like that" That's right, we're soldiers man! When it comes to going out at least. So I walk her home where she discovers that her door's locked and she doesn't have the key, I'm all ready to take her home, when her roommate opens the door. Ah well... hahaha
I guess we had enough fun for one weekend.

quick note on C-girl . for those of you that saw a Bronx Tale... When we went to dinner last time, I drove a rental Ford POS without power locks, so after I unlocked her door to let her in and walked around back she had unlocked my door for me. Now the question is, how much flow do I have? hmmm

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