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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
4:22a - Salsa Wednesday
Man there were too little guys to take care of the girls we knew... Me and Geo were spread thin tonight. First we roll up to Cafe Sevilla with Barbara and Mary. Then I spot Catherine and Anna and of course we need to dance with them. So then it's back to Barbara and Mary so they don't get neglected. But then JB rolls up with two of her girlfriends and now we're in trouble. So we dance with JB and them for a bit, show them how to salsa. Bobby and JR were supposed to come but flaked for their own reasons. Our gain, I suppose. Anyway, it turned out to be a good night, no trouble with the gals and everyone's happy. Geo spent more than he wanted to though. He paid Barbara's cover and drinks and food. Me on the other hand, didn't pay Mary's way because she just followed Geo and Barbara in and got in without cover! At first I'd thought that Geo paid for her but he asked me, Did you pay for her?" I was like,"nah, I though you did! " Haha woops! well no cover for Mary! Anyway Geo bought me my drink and I was set for the night since I drove. So not too big of a hit on my wallet tonight, I'm glad to report. Dave's broke...

current mood: happy

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