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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, August 10th, 2002
8:48p - the art of the 5 day weekend
it's all about pacing when you have to work the next morning. You can drink but not to the point whereit affects your work as it did today...

Thursday Night salsa...
First salsa thursday that Geo and JR didn't attend, so it was just me and Looks at Sevilla. I swear that guy gets numbers left and right there! I think it's because he looks Latin. Anyway, we have a good time, Looks was dancing with the friends of the girls I asked to dance, playing wingman even though he has no clue how to salsa! But by the end of the night a couple of the girls taught him the basics. Low profile night for us, we danced with a ton of chicks, at one point a girl straight asked Bobby to dance. She was like, "are you good?" After he hesitated with his answer, she was about to leave before I took her out to the floor instead. All in all we had a pretty damn good night considering we were short-handed. Man we really could've used Geo and JR, there weer so many large groups!

Friday Night We end up hitting up E Street alley where Geo meets up with JB and her friends and I see Jamie, Dena and their friends. We have a couple of drinks and hit the dance floor when Mary and her boyfriend spot me and Geo! How random! I was almost going to ask her to come out with us, but you know... the bf thing... oh well. We brought Ofer along because that kid just turned 21, and needs to get out there. So Ofer played my wingman tonight, I spotted a blonde I met at work and we approached them. Man, Ofer did way well considering it was his first night downtown, his girl seemed way into him by the end of the night. Jamie and Dena were at the other end of the bar laughing at me trying to get my flow on since they only see me in work situations. So we end up getting the girls' digits and see how Geo's doin. Good night... but I shouldn't have had the drink Dena bought me because I think that's what put me over. I was so exhausted by the end of the night... I woke up today and struggled to get my ass to the shower.

Same story at work, I could barely keep my eyes open while I was helping clients. I fwlt like such a goober when I was writing the deposit down and I seriously almost nodded off... I either had a brain fart or just fell asleep because I straight up paused as I was doing simple addition.. My client must've thought, what kind of banker can't add two checks together? So finally the end of the day came and I rushed home and just crash into bed. Woke up at 7pm and now I'm energized and ready for anotha night baby!

Thank god I have Monday off.

21 days til move-out and me and Geo still haven't found a place...

current mood: tired

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