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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
3:42a - Belly Up tavern Sunday
Sunday Night Salsa at the Belly Up, Me, Jorge and Bobby roll up and find nobody we know there. Since we usually dance with Anna and Catherine, I don't really look at the crowd, but this time since it was just us 3 we noticed that the crowd is older than the crowd at Sevilla. So we decide what the heck, and I take out a few 30 year old women to dance.
I see Freddy and his beautiful dance partner Dana, there as usual... I always see those two wherever I go to salsa. They're so damn good, I try to pick up moves from them but they move too fast for me.
Just as Jorge and me were thinking out loud that JR flaked on us, he shows up.
And a few minutes later, Anna shows up with her friend Courtney! So I dance with those two and then it's closing time...

Monday Night Mandatory kick-back night. We visit Connie and Van's new pad, pretty sweet but pricey. I'm considering moving there if we can get a 2-bed for $1400 or less.
Afterwards, we pay a visit to Justin and Ofer's new pad. They got a heck of a deal on their rent.
Finish off the night with a few games of pool, where I rediscover my lack of skills with a cue. All in all, pretty easy on the wallet tonight. Just $1.50 spent tonight... Always good.

18 days til move-out and still no place

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